How to Fix any Game Crash, Lag, Low Fps issue

When u install a new game and it crash or not even open or if your game crash in middle when you are playing or you have any gaming issue try this and all your gaming issue will fix.

1. First install a fresh copy of latest version Windows 10, install new windows with bootable Pendrive or DVD and make sure your internet is turn off when u are installing new windows. 

Don't install any other software in your new windows, first follow all these 7 steps after that you can install whatever you want.  

2. After installing new windows, disable automatic update permanently (check tutorial below how to disable automatic updates in Windows 10) once your automatic update disabled permanently, you can turn on your internet.

Watch Video How to Disable Automatic Update

3. Now install your Graphic Card (GPU) Latest drivers.

4. Install C++ all versions 32 bit 64 bit from 2005 to 2023 (use all in one run time to install).

Download C++ All in One

5. Install Direct X.

Download Direct x

6. Don't install any Antivirus, use windows defender which is preinstalled in windows 10 (its very powerful than any other antivirus).

7. Now try those game which gives u error, crash or any issue.

-You will see now any of your game will never crash or stop in middle, all your gaming issue are fixed now. 

-I told many of my subscribers to do these steps now they play every game without any crash or any issue.

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