Spider-Man Remastered PC v1.831.2.0 Patch Notes

Spider-Man Remastered PC Update 3 Patch Notes

In Spider Man patch v1.831.2.0 these issues are fixed

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Patch 3 Notes – Sept 1, 2022

We fixed several issues to address a negative impact on CPU performance that could occur when using certain controllers with certain connection methods. Besides that, we further finetuned HBAO+ and implemented a fix for crashes that would occur when enabling ray-tracing on systems with certain older Intel CPUs.

In this update we also added performance and memory logging, to help our ongoing investigations into performance. Check out the patch notes below for all the details.

Release Notes

Fixed issues that could cause negative CPU performance impact when using certain controllers.

Further visual finetuning of HBAO+.

Fixed an issue that could cause input loss after enabling Photo Mode during cinematics.

Sticker placement in Photo Mode is not constrained to 16:9 anymore.

Fixed an issue that prevented users from moving lights and stickers in Photo Mode in scenes where the player does not have control over the camera.

Fixed a crash that would occur on Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs with ray-tracing enabled.

Added performance and memory use logging.

Known Issues

Some players using Intel GPUs cannot take a picture of the Empire State building, blocking their progression. Intel released a beta driver update for Arc GPUs that addresses this issue. A general driver update for other GPUs is expected soon.

Ongoing investigations

Some players are reporting that some game achievements are not unlocking correctly for them. We are investigating.

Some players on laptops with NVIDIA GPUs are reporting significantly lower performance than what would be expected from their hardware. We are investigating this potential issue together with NVIDIA.

Some players are mentioning performance degradation after playing for a long amount of time. So far, we have not been able to reproduce this issue, but our investigations are ongoing, and we are analyzing data from players experiencing these issues to get a better understanding of the potential underlying problem.

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