WWE 2K22 Patch Notes 1.07

WWE 2K22 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

WWE 2k22 released a patch update version 1.07 on 29 March 2022, this patch update fix many issues in game and improve gaming experience.


WWE 2K players, we have a hotfix for you that improves the stability of Create a Superstar when using a large number of original creations with custom portraits. 


  • Addresses reported concerns of instability resulting from players applying 35 or more custom image renders to original superstars in Create a Superstar.
  • Improves a reported concern that online instability may occur when one or more users has empty custom portraits.
  • Addresses a reported concern of an issue that may occur when a player accepts an online game invite while WWE 2K22 is in a suspended state.

Unfortunately, patch 1.07 is quite small and uninteresting compared to previous updates. While the last update brought a huge helping of fixes and improvements across the board, today just looks to fix three reported concerns. The first is simple game instability, causing performance issues for something quite bizarre. The second is a little more frustrating and doesn’t make any sense either, as portraits shouldn’t cause online instability. And finally, issues cropped up regarding players accepting online invites when their game was frozen or otherwise suspended. Some really bizarre problems, but hey, at least you can’t run into them anymore!

More Updates are coming soon so stay tuned.
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