How to get a VALORANT Beta Key Free by Riot Games

Riot Games’ new competitive free-to-play game in which teams of five against one another with the objective to plant a spike in the other team's territory shooter game VALORANT went into closed beta on April 7th, and gamers have since been scrambling online to get access to it. stream viewers are already in deep waiting for beta codes for early trials of the game. Closed Beta keys were being given out by Twitch streamers that had access to the game with drops enabled in their livestreams. This make game more popular on the platform with a peak concurrent viewership of 1.7 million on day one. Right now its most viewed game on twitch.

Here are the things that you need to know to get Closed Beta key of VALORANT.

Step no 1- make a Riot Account and a Twitch account also if you haven’t already.

Step no 2- Connect your Riot accounts by going to Twitch, Settings, Connections, Once its done, you will be able to see a green tick this means your Riot account is connected to twitch.

Step no 3- Now Find VALORANT Game live streams on Twitch which have drops enabled(this is important). Ymake sure that drops enabled in tag below the live stream.

Step no 4- now Watch these lives treams for at more than 24 hours. Twitch and Riot Games are tracking your total VALORANT stream view time, this means that you do not necessarily need to watch a single streamer for 24 hours you can watch your favorite streamer if he's playing VALORANT with drops enabled.

Now once you complete the above steps, you will be rewarded with a closed beta code so you can hop in appropriately and play Closed Beta key of VALORANT. While crossing the two hour threshold is recommended, Riot has made it clear that everyone else who has also watched at least a few hours of streams is also eligible.
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