Forza horizon 4 controller switching between controller and keyboard fix

In Forza Horizon 4 lots of gamers are experiencing a problems with their controllers, gamepad that need to be emulated to play the game. The problem is caused by doubled input, it was also a thing in Forza Motorsport 7, but non existent in Forza Horizon 3. After a few days of surfing the internet and searching for fixes i managed to get it to work! I'll share the trick what i know because it might be helpful for everyone. Here's a fix for non xbox and non PS4 controllers. Follow all the steps carefully.

:-Download and setup Xoutput and ViGEm

:-Download HIDGuardian and install it

You can restart your pc now

:-Find out your Contoller's hardware ID. You can do it this way: Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right click your controller -> Properties ->Hardware -> Now select the option with HID in its name ->Properties -> Details -> Hardware IDs -> Copy 3 first lines. It should look somehow like this:

:-Now go open regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HidGuardian\Parameters
and add these 3 lines from step 3 to the Affected devices and restart your PC

:-Download app called WhiteKnight Auto Whitelister and run it as administrator. If it says you HIDGuardian or HIDCerberus is not installed - click Install.

:-Open XOutput as administrator, your controller shouldn't be on the list. Now switch to WhiteKnight Auto Whitelister, click "Pick App" and click on Xoutput. It should now magically show your controller. Click Start and everything should work fine! Game would be receiving only controller input instead of controller + keyboard which causes strange things.

:-Now before playing Forza Horizon 4 run WhiteKnight Auto Whitelister and Xoutput
this controller fix is for all Pc Games. if you have any question comment and ask or you can check my Youtube Channel Ash Pd for more details.


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