Hyperkin Reveals the Ultra Game Boy at CES

Hyperkin California peripheral manufacturer is at it again, following up the RetroN5 multi-console and the SmartBoy mobile phone device with the next logical step.
 As reported by Gizmodo, the Ultra Game Boy (working title) is a dedicated Nintendo Game Boy clone system with a twist; along with its aluminum housing and throwback volume contrast control dials both of which echo the design of the original iteration of the 1996 Game Boy Pocket the Ultra also boasts an LCD backlight that can shift through the RGB spectrum. In addition to a USB C port for charging, Gizmodo touts left and right audio-out connections tailored specifically to the chiptune community. Gizmodo reports that the original plastic frame has been shed in favor of an all aluminum body, It also comes with backlight. Users may turn the backlight off for quieter operation. The handheld should be ready for launch late this summer at $100 price point, so if you are a game lover than this is for you.
Hyperkin Reveals the Ultra Game Boy at CES Hyperkin Reveals the Ultra Game Boy at CES Reviewed by on January 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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