The best Xbox One controllers

The default Xbox One controller is one of the best ever made, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Here are some of the best alternative Xbox One pads.

The Xbox One comes with a tremendous controller included by default - it's easily one of the best gamepads ever made, and has the added perk of working for PC games too.
Still, that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement, and if you're looking to replace your controller - or just grab a second for multiplayer - you've got plenty of great options, both from Microsoft and from third party manufacturers.
And if you're looking for some great games to make the most of your new controller, check out our pick of the best Xbox One games.

Xbox One Controller
If you own an Xbox One then you already have one of these controllers, but let's be clear - they're great, and if you're looking for a second pad for multiplayer or to replace a broken controller, they're the obvious choice.
Even better, Microsoft now offers the controllers in a huge range of different colours, including some two-tone setups and even a pair of Minecraft designs, so you don't have to go for the basic white or black either. Plus, it's been continually tweaking and improving the controller, so if you buy one now it might be better than your original controller, with increased wireless range, Bluetooth support, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller
The price may give you pause for thought, but if you’re looking for an extra competitive edge online or simply want to tweak the finer details of your gaming experience, there’s good reason to consider the upgrade.
Alongside the slick black-and-chrome finish, the Elite controller boasts Hair Trigger Locks for faster firing in shooters, additional paddles on the back for more control options, and fully interchangeable control sticks and D-pad.
Swapping the control stick or D-pad is dead easy - the parts are magnetic, so all you have to do is pull them off and snap on the replacements. You can remap the controls for even more flexibility, and it comes with its own carry case with space for the controller itself and all the interchangeable components.
It all comes in an attractive black and chrome finish, and has a grippy texture - ideal for long or intense gaming sessions. You can also use it wirelessly, or wired using the included braided USB cable.
The only downside? It still feels silly to be paying over £100/$100 and getting a controller that relies on AA batteries - it's a real shame Microsoft hasn't invested in a rechargeable battery.

Xbox One Recon Tech Controller
Microsoft is expanding its already broad range of Xbox One controllers with a limited edition Tech Series, featuring a variety of different controller variants with slightly different innards, aesthetics, and inspirations.
First out of the gate is the Recon Tech Special Edition. "Inspired by military technology and performance patterns," the chief technical innovation is that it supposedly boasts up to twice the wireless range of previous Xbox One pads, along with the now-standard Bluetooth so that you can connect up to a PC, Mac, or tablet too.
There's also a textured diamond rubberized grip on the back of the controller to make it more comfortable for extended gameplay sessions, while the front boasts a gold accented design that doesn't exactly scream 'military recon', but does look pretty cool.

Horipad Pro
If the price of the Xbox Elite controller makes you wince, you might want to give the Horipad Pro a look. It's not as slick, it's not as glossy, and it's not as customisable, but it offers some of the same functionality at a cheaper price than even the default Xbox One pad.
The Horipad boasts four extra trigger buttons on the back that you can quickly assign functions to, using them as a convenient way to access the face buttons without taking your thumb off the right control stick. You can also use them together with the D-pad to mute your mic or adjust headset volume through the in-built 3.5mm jack.
It's strictly wired (though that means no battery woes) and includes rumble. Build quality is generally pretty high (and the D-pad is a clear improvement on the Xbox One default), though it's definitely built for smaller hands. Overall, it's a solid choice for any competitive players who can't stretch their budget as far as the Elite.

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