10 Reasons Why Android Phones Are Better Than The iPhone

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems around. In the hyper-competitive tech world there can only be one winner, and we believe it's Android. Here are our top reasons why you're better off owning an Android phone rather than an iPhone

1. When you buy an iPhone, you're stuck with as much storage as you decided to buy at the get go. Most Android phones, however, have a microSD card slot, so you can easily and cheaply buy more storage space.

2. Android's visible file system is amazing. When you plug your Android phone into your computer, you can see a file system just like the one you'd work with if you were searching for something on your computer. It's as easy as drag-and-drop. Apple doesn't give you that kind of access to all your files.

3. If your battery starts sucking, you can often remove it and replace it with a new one. Can't do that with an iPhone.

4. Android files screenshots, downloaded pics, and pictures saved from messages into their own separate folders. iphone can't do that.
5. Android doesn't care where your music comes from. Apple and iOS 8, however, require iTunes if you want to load your iPhone up with songs, and you need iPhoto if you ever want to get your photos onto your computer.

6. On an iPhone, you can unlock your phone with your fingerprint or a passcode. On most Android devices, you have several additional options, including patterns or face unlocks.

7. You can use any micro-USB cable to charge your Android phone. If you want to charge your iPhone, you need to have Apple's proprietary "Lightning" cable.

8. You can customize an Android phone much more than an iPhone, like by adding widgets on your home screen.There are also a bunch of apps you can download that let you further change your phone's interface which arranges your apps alphabetically in a more list-like format rather than the standard grid layout.

9. You can actually replace the software that came with your Android device with a custom ROM if you want to. This is essentially installing a new operating system and many Android users do it because their carrier or manufacturer is slow to upgrade to the latest version of the Android platform, but you may also do it for better performance or to gain access to some add-ons or tools, but you Can't do that with an iPhone.

10. There are more free apps and games on Android than there are on iOS.

We’d love to hear about Android is better or iOS. Are your motives for choosing Android covered above or did something else attract you to the platform? Conversely, for those rocking an iPhone, what’s keeping you from Android is there a specific feature, updates, etc? Post a comment and let us know.
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